Multivitamin & Minerals Gummies-60N Orange Flavour

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Strengthens Bones & Boosts Immunity | Orange Flavour | 60 Gummies
Luv Kids Multivitamin and Minerals gummies in orange flavour is a delicious and tangy treat that children will love. With the vibrant orange colour, these gummies is visually appealing and will grab the attention of young ones. The moment you pop one in your mouth, you'll experience a burst of tangy orange flavor that will awaken your taste buds and leave you craving more. Whether enjoyed as an after-school treat or a reward for good behavior, Multivitamin and Minerals gummies will bring a burst of citrusy joy to snack time.

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    Do Luv Kids Multivitamin and Minerals Gummies contain sugar?

    Luv Kids Multivitamin and Minerals Gummies have zero added sugar.

    At what age can a child take a Gummies?

    Luv Kids Gummies are recommended for an age group of 5 years and above.

    Are Multivitamin and Minerals Gummies good for kids?

    Yes, Multivitamin and Minerals Gummies are great for kids. These gummies are designed with specific vitamins and minerals combinations to cater to the child’s nutritional needs.