Rain or Shine: Your Ultimate Guide to Monsoon Hair Care Magic

Monsoon brings showers of joy and delight. while we celebrate the beauty of the monsoon, our hair often battles the challenges it poses. Frizz, humidity and hair fall become unwelcome companions during this time. Fear not, for we've compiled the ultimate guide to monsoon hair care magic that will keep your locks looking luscious and vibrant, rain or shine.


  1. Wash your hair twice or thrice a week

It is important to keep your tresses clean and dirt free in the monsoon season, the humidity and moisture in the air can cause different types of fungal infections or bacterial infections, hampering the quality of your hair in the long run. Doing shampoo on regular intervals will remove dirt and residue from hair.


  1. Always use a conditioner

Humidity makes hair frizzy and has given us bad hair days! Using a mild conditioner after every wash will give your hair bounce and shine. A conditioner balances hair and removes the frizziness from hair. Using a conditioner is a must for all.




  1. Dry your hair properly


After every wash, dry your hair thoroughly with microfiber towels, they gently dry and reduce hair breakage. The microfibers also absorb the excess moisture and remove the frizziness.

It is quite common to come home drenched, and it may not be possible to take a head shower always. In such situations wear comfortable clothes, dry yourself and take out the proper time to dry your hair with a towel or a cold dryer to avoid bacterial or fungal infections.


  1. Tie up or cover-up

The best on-the-go tip to follow is always to tie your hair on rainy days. Always carry a scrunchie or a headband handy. Tying up hair retains moisture and prevents frizziness. It also prevents hair fall. Covering your hair with a scarf or a bandana helps too, it saves you from hair breakage, keeps your scalp dry, and gives you a fancy look.


  1. Use the right comb


We all have freaked out on seeing a bush of hair stuck in our combs or brushes!

Using a wrong comb can damage hair, it can cause breakage, hair fall and even frizz. It is best advised to use a wide-tooth comb to detangle wet hair. Wide-tooth combs don’t pull or break your hair, reducing hair fall and breakage.


  1. Love your hair!

Everyone has different types of hair! Embrace it and love it. Oil your hair once a week, get a head massage, wear hair masks, or make DIY hair packs to keep your hair happy and bouncy all monsoon long.

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